Monday, April 14, 2008

I miffed, but still alive.

Thank goodness my Siamese diva attitude stands me in good stead.

I am going crazy without any online time to commiserate with my furriends, Meezer and everycatelse.

So to punish my mommy who should give me this online time on demand and without question, I am making sure to drag her dirty socks into the living room where everyone can see them.

Especially this past week as she has her mommy and her sister visiting. I want to show them what a BAD MOMMY she is!!


Despite the great effort in showing her the error of her ways...unfortunately, I will not be able to get online regularly until June.

It's enough to drive any Meezer to drag dirty underwear around the house.

Yes, I think that is a much more fitting punishment for my mommy....

Take care and make sure you keep your mommies and/or daddies in line!!!!