Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday 13: 13 Things that Annoy Me

And this is one of them.

1. When mommy and daddy go away....oooh, do I get my revenge!! As I've mentioned before, I like to pull dirty socks out of the laundry and fling them everywhere and all over the house - just to show them!

2. Donny. He is truly the bane of my existence. Just look at the picture above, and you can see why.

3. Bottom of the food dish. I used to cry and cry when I could see the bottom of my food dish. And let me tell you, I had to cry pretty often! I don't care that I pushed food out of the food dish and basically made a crater in my dish, the point is: I can see the shiny stainless steel bottom of my food dish. Wahhhhhhh!!!

4. Dogs. I don't like them, and I don't hesitate to tell them!! I puff out my tremendous furs, growl and hiss loudly, hike up my back and punctuate the entire "tough cookie" image with an exclamation point of a tail! I don't care if they are nice to me!! I can't stand them!!!!!

5. Heights. I don't mind climbin' up, just as long as I don't hafta come down. All of you furriends surely understand why.....

6. Being picked up when I don't want to be. [To mommy and daddy: If I wanted to be picked up, I will totally let you know, ok??? Otherwise, leave me alone!!!]

7. Contractors. They are rough and tough dirty men that remind me of my (possible) abuser. And they make loud, scarey noises. I hate them!

8. Being left alone. I hate getting that abandoned feeling!

9. Strangers. That includes the (admittedly) pawesome catsitter we had. I like my queendom undisturbed by new things and esp new pple. They can take a hike for all I care....

10. Being left alone with strangers. Similar to points 8 and 9...but not the same!! For example, when mommy and daddy suddenly up and went to the hospital for a week for the "operations", and left me with all these strangers (who turned out to be 2 kindly gmas and a gpa that I already met before), it highly annoyed me. How come they didn't take me with them???? What place can possibly ever be so exciting that they just up and leave??

11. Luggage out in the open. It stresses me out, coz it *always* means that mommy and daddy are gonna leave me with only da lil white brats (thanks Maobert for da nasty term!).

12. The doorbell ringing. A ringing doorbell can only mean one thing: strangers. I won't have nothin' to do with them, no sirree....

13. That nothing 'round here does my bidding on demand!! Not mommy, not daddy, not anybody!! Hmph.

Now I'm really annoyed, coz I won't be able to blog for a few days. Mommy's needing some rest, and while she does many things to annoy me....I still love her. So I will see you all for Meezer Monday.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another one with Catitude! and Meezer Rule Wednesday.

...and he's even part-meezer this time! His name is Buddy, and I met him for the first time today. Hi Buddy! *waves*

You can see that he must be part-Meezer and part of me, and one part of isn't that cool!!

But wait - that's not the coolest part! The best part about him: "he gets vicious and angry when he is not allowed out"...and yet....he commands the affection of his mommy!! Wow, amazing! Not only have an impressive catitude but the never-ending adoration of his mommy!

[Compare that to me....when I get upset, I just drag dirty socks around the house....BOOOOOOOOOOORING!!]

Anyways, he figures quite prominently on his mommy's blog, though maybe not recently (hint, hint). That's right, he and Zorro share the same blog!! Fellow meezers, let's encourage him to blog more, and better yet - join us, this band of merry meezers, the Simply Siamese!

My Meezer Rule Wednesday: Don't just befurriend anyone and everyone, befurriend your peers: those you admire and who also admire you!

For more Meezer Rule Wednesday, see Simply Siamese.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Here's my tummy. It's got beige streaks and white streaks and chocolate streaks. Are meezer tummies supposed to look like this?? I know I asked this before - but I don't think I realized there were that many streaks on my tummy!

Anyways, I am reaching out for the sign with the bright red character. In Chinese, it means "fortune"...very fitting for a kitty like me, who beat the odds, got rescued and found my furever home.

Happy Tummy Tuesday!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Meezer Monday

This is how I *should* be treated every morning when I wake up: chin scritches for as long as I like!!

Happy Meezer Monday!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I generally like to stick to my meezer furriends, who best understand me and my superior ways....

But there is a kitty out there whose recent picture totally embodies the spirit of catitude. And the poor boy hardly ever gets a visit!! So I hope that you will visit him and say hi to one who may not be a meezer - but sure has the right catitude!!

I give you: Frodo Baggins.

Friday, June 22, 2007

20 questions meme from Kaze

Kaze tagged me for a meme! a meme! a meme! (Wow, I haven't been this excited in YEARS!!)

1} Favorite season? Summer - I get to go outside!
2} Favorite colors? We tend to go with in, mommy's nice satin-y bathrobe.
3} Favorite room? Ooooh - hard choice. Probably upstairs in the common area, I usually can get some sunshine to bask in there!
4} Do you like dogs? No way! *hissssssssss!* *spit!*
5} Ever been in an airplane box? What's that?? I hate boxes generally - Donny and Marie tend to gang up on me....
6} Do you have to get bathed? I only had to do that once - that was right after I was rescued. I had so much grease and dirt on me, I wouldn't even clean myself!!!
7} Are you in love? With myself - absolutely! Oh yes, and with Sir Chirps LanceALot Handsome Boy, he is my fiance! We just got engaged!
8} Where would you like to travel to? Hm...just to the backyard is about all I can handle. It's outside and it's safe!
9} What do you ignore? Lots and lots of things...oh man, I could spend all day talkin' about it.....
10} How many lives have you used up? One BIG one, I barely lived to be rescued! After that, life's been pretty sweet - oh except for that annoying Donny and Marie....
11} Do you have any dark secrets? Yes, it's about my previous owners, and no - I am not gonna share 'bout that!
12} What is your favorite holiday? Spring!! The first day we are allowed outdoors, let me tell ya - that is a truly feline holiday!!!
13} Water or milk? Milk if I can get it.
14} Why do you blog? My meezer furriends encouraged me! :)
15} Are you into extremes? No, I've had enough of extremes, thank you very much.
16} Favorite TV shows? Doctor Who of course!! You've seen me enjoying it.....
17} Are you a pesty lap cat? Of course, any request I make must be satisfied on demand...and that includes laps!!
18} Inside or outside cat? If outside includes the fenced-in backyard, then both.
19} What makes you happy? Being with mommy and daddy and knowing that they love me and never will abandon me!
20} Your most embarrassing moment? Hm....the day I climbed a two storey tall tree, and discovered that I had to slide on my butt to get down. Never again will I climb any tree!!!

Hm...who shall I tag?? I would like to tag fellow Doctor Who fan and big bro HRH Yao-Lin!

Look at what I have to put up with....

Let me tell you, if it wasn't because I do kinda like her as my lil sis AND she has usually given me the respect I deserve, this picture would NOT be the happy scene of her playing with my tail, let me tell you....

How do you deal with it? Sammy? Tara? Yao-Lin? Chase? Latte? Any big bro or big sis kitty? Anykitty???

Happy Lazy Day Friday! May your day be as easy-going!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Ha ha! Watch me gloat, Marie!

If you've got the cat bed, make sure that:

(a) you groom furiously so that the catbed HAS to belong to you by virtue by volume of *your* cat hair; and,

(b) you gloat doing whatever you want to do in *your* catbed while your competition watches with envy!

For more Meezer Rule Wednesday, visit

Sammy and Miles
Egypt and Pebbles (Dino too?)

Happy Wednesday, everykitty!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Take-back Tuesday

Look-y, look-y - I've taken back MY catbed!!

I am so happy that finally I have got my catbed back! It's high time!

I want to thank everykitty for your congrats on my new blog. I like it very much, I especially like how this blog is all about me....including my "cattitude" picture plastered BIG and splashy across the top.

Befitting of a meezer, don't you think? *wink, wink*

I also want to thank you for your support on railing on the catsitter. Really, if I've already picked my mommy and daddy to cater to my every need on demand, I don't want NO substitutes! At least, not until I've approved of them. Which will be never - ha ha!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Meezer Monday

This photo basically sums up my attitude toward the catsitter: NOT happy.

I already did not like that mommy and daddy abandoned me yet again with this crazy duo Donny and Marie. What's worse, some stranger they called the catsitter came by twice a day. I'm not too keen generally with mommy and daddy's furriends, prefering to hide away when they come over. dare they leave and then some STRANGER come over!?

This stranger was a little old lady who just oooh'd and awwww'd over Marie and Donny. They capitulated right away when they met her prior to mommy and daddy taking off. So the first time she visited, they totally ran after her, grovelling for catnip and toys and cuddles. Not me!! I'd rather die than have to grovel for anything - and I think my meezer 'zociates would agree!

So, I stayed away and hid under the bed when she was here. She called me in her sweetest voice to try and tempt me with food and catnip - forget it! I have a reputation to maintain and I just don't become furriends with just ANYBODY!! Donny and Marie, I do not consider furriends.

Then the catsitter wrote all these mean things about me: I wasn't eating, and I wasn't exercising. How is that her business?!?! I eat when I want, and I exercise when I want....and it sure ain't gonna be when YOU'RE there!!
But finally, I deigned to come down tonight to see what this fuss was all about with this little old lady. Since she just put some fresh canned food out, I thought I'd better make sure I grab a few bites of that....and then allowed her to brush me, since she practically begged to do that for me. I do need to be groomed regularly; if she wants so much to be my slave, then so be it!!

Well, that was my lousy weekend, Happy Meezer Monday indeed!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

I wish I could spend a nice sunny day like this with daddy this weekend. But he is gone for the weekend.

Kitties, meezers, please spend time with your daddy. I will spend my time this weekend pulling dirty socks from the laundry and drag them all over the house to show great displeasure that they let this invader called a catsitter into the house.

Frootbat Friday - My First Post on my very own Blog!

Let me tell you a secret....

I am actually a frootbat.

You don't believe it? Check it out:

Yes, I hide my frootbat part most of the time, revealing my frootbat self on special occasions. Such as this one: celebrating my very own blog.

Welcome and Happy Friday, everykitty!